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Succesfully defending an attack

Successfully defending an attack - under a beautiful evening sky

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Shin Pads & Kit (Tops)

As highlighted by the referee at our game on 24th January, the Leisure Centre are reminding referees that they must ensure that all players are wearing shin pads before the game kicks off. No shin pads = not playing. Referees are also under instruction to make sure that teams turn up in matching coloured kits. A mixture of colours within a team will not be accepted and may result in players not being allowed on the pitch until a match is achieved (presumably this means shirts and we're not going to be stopped from playing if 1 player has light blue socks and all the others have mid-blue colour socks). Presumably, again, this could be via the 'odd' player wearing a bib, or the whole team turning out in bibs. It would obviously be easier if everyone turned up with a yellow top.

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