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Succesfully defending an attack

Successfully defending an attack - under a beautiful evening sky

Match Reports

Lost by the Odd Goal

Up against the always keen but occasionally fragile Resdstar Fulwood this week. We had 9 players - luxury - so had a richness of talent available. It was Goose, Phil, Jake, Sean, Matt , Mark, Crofty, Andy and Mikey so there were plenty of tactical opportunities available. Redstar, on the other hand had 7 very familiar faces.

First half, we played fairly well, Andy managed to score when he scuffed a shot into the net, he fooled the Redstar keeper who was expecting a thunderbolt. Not a lot more say other than that. They created some chance, we created some chances, bit we were the only ones to pop the ball in the back of the net.

Similar story in the second half, chances for both sides, but with a twist. Redstar launch a ball into the box from the left hand side, Goose punches out - to a Redstar player - a touch to control and an accurate volley into a part protected net. Redstar get a throw in on our left, we have a couple of chances to clear the ball, but fairly to do so effectively, Redstar pounce and score. Game over.

Loss 1 - 2

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