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Succesfully defending an attack

Successfully defending an attack

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Last of the 'Old Romantics'

Old foes, Redstar Fulwood, this week in a game that might just set the scene for the rest of the season, - win, and get an early advantage on them and hopefully set us up nicely for the rest of the season - lose, and end up becoming lodged at the foot ….

Zut Alors - Quelle Surprise

So, the first game of the new season and we were up against a side that had been relegated at the end of the previous season. An international scouting operation meant that I was unable to watch the game, so I'm relying on my third party reports for ….

Game Cancelled / Postponed

Game cancelled. Light snowfalls from previous days haven't melted, the effective temperature was -6 degrees C at lunchtime on Thursday. Game called off at 2pm in the afternoon. This game will presumably be added on to and played at the end of the ….

Shin Pads & Kit (Tops)

As highlighted by the referee at our game on 24th January, the Leisure Centre are reminding referees that they must ensure that all players are wearing shin pads before the game kicks off. No shin pads = not playing. Referees are also under instruction to ….

Website refresh

To match the start of the new season, the website has been refreshed and updated, hope you like it.
So, what's new? Well, this blog page for a start. It's now easier to share content / news on this page with others via social media ….

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