Thursday night football in Penwortham


1 - 4 DOWN, 3 - 4 REVIVAL, BUT …

3 - 5 In The End As Dolphin Does The Walk Of Shame

Jake, Gary, Sean and Phil all unavailable this week, so a major reshuffle of the pack was required and we were down to a bare bones 7 players. Goose in nets, Stuart and Paul at the back, Mark, Joe and Matt in midfield with Andy up front. Quality opener from Seven Sinners, we pull it back to 1-1. Two more good strikes and a goal where we could have defended better saw us 1-4 down at half time. Bit of a different story in the second half, 2 good goals from us, Seven Sinners starting to look a bit rattled, until their sole striker takes the ball round Goose, Stuart stumbles, lands on the pitch and 'somehow' the ball knocked towards the back of an empty net strikes his arm and is deflected away. Controversy? Not really. Stuart sent off, free kick outside the box - the attacker was forced out of the area by Goose and Stuart's challenge and Stuart had his 'accident' outside the box. We successfully defended the free kick but conceded our 5th and final goal in the time he was off the pitch. Ah well, it's Redstar Fulwood next week.

Next game (25th January) - Redstar Fulwood @ 7.45pm

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The Don Caster-Rovers squad for Winter 2017 and Spring 2018:

Regular players - Gary Clarke, Jake Coupe, Stuart Dolphin, Paul Havey, Mark Heaney, Martin Hulley, Andy Livesey, Sean Pearson, Phil Rigby, Matt Smith, Joe Thomas and Andy Timms.
Emergency call ups - Mark Clinch, Jonathan Croft, Chris Heaney, Dave Hitchen and Josh Rigby.

The Don Caster-Rovers Management Team:

John ‘The Governor’ Gatheral and Mike ‘The Enforcer’ Rigby.

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