Thursday night football in Penwortham

Game of Two Halfs

Comeback Cruelly Crushed

Struggling for players this week - down to 6 - and taking on Man Dam who had caused us no end of problems at the back end of last season when we had seven, so this could be interesting. We kicked off with Goose in nets, Phil and Joe at the back, Mark and Matt in the middle and Josh up front. We tried at the start to encourage a last minute recruit, but he wasn't having any of it. Off we went and for the first 10 minutes thing's weren't going too badly. True, we weren't exactly peppering their goal with shots, but Goose was pulling off a few fine saves and our defence was nullifying a lot of their attempts. Then the heavens opened, 4 well created and taken goals saw us go in at half time with a bit of a mountain to climb.

Another attempt to get an extra player, this time with some success and we had 7 versus 7 for the second half. Would that make a difference?

Just a bit, different story now, we held on to the ball better, created more and better chances, but still had to be wary of quick counter attacking moves. After 10 minutes, a corner on the left, our stand in player floats a ball to the back post, where Mark "Goal Machine (though slightly erratic action)" Heaney headed it confidently into the back of the net. Things were looking a lot better. Unfortunately, that largely encouraged Man Dem and they scored a couple of more late goals just to make sure we couldn't stage some sort of (perhaps unlikely) comeback.

Not a great night for us, but a lot better when it was 7 against 7. Wonder how things would have played out if we had that from the start?

Man Dem     6 - 1     Never Odd or Even

Next week - 18th October - we are playing Unathletico Madrid at 9.15pm.

Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear

Quality Strike Bursts Our Bubble

We kicked off with 7 players, Goose back in the nets after an absence of nearly 3 months (would he be rusty?), Jake and Phil in defence, Joe, Mark and Sean in midfield and Andy up front. We were playing our long time foes Redstar Fulwood, who turned up claiming to be down to 5 men, but with a couple of hastily assembled recruits to fill in the gaps. Mind games?

The game kicked off and turned out to be an open, free flowing affair. We were pretty much giving as good as we got, but seemed to be unable to hang on to the ball for any length of time. Goose wasn't too busy, Phil and Jake had things pretty well organised at the back (Jake even managed to pop up in attack on occasions), Sean, Mark and Joe were bustling backwards and forwards either helping our defence or developing our attacks and Andy was making a nuisance of himself up front. So 0 - 0 at half time, everything to play for.

The second half started off much like the first, not a lot between us, chances at both ends, but as the half progressed the Redstar chances became more and more promising. They had two near misses, the ball hitting the post and bobbling dangerously along the goal line before being cleared to safety. On 3 or 4 occasions Redstar pushed the ball down the right hand side with just a bit too much pace for their player to run on to. Five minutes to go, they pushed the ball down the right, this time with just the right amount of pace, pull back by Redstar forward perfectly into the path of their incoming midfielder, sweet strike and ball tucked in at the near post. We pushed on and had a couple of free kicks that Redstar worried but they clung onto a 1 - 0 win and for them a good start to the season.

Never Odd or Even     0 - 1     Redstar Fulwood

Man Dem up next at 7pm on 11th October, they gave us a bit of a pasting at the end of last season. What will next week hold?