Thursday night football in Penwortham

Not Hit for Six

Knocked For Seven Instead

Oooh, it was all too painful - Goose in nets - Phil and Jake at the back - Mark, Gary and Joe in the middle - Andy up front.

Up against Lads on Toure, after a quiet first 10 minutes, they knocked in 3 in the last 10 minutes of the first half.

Second half, more of the same, they knock in 3, we get 1 back - Mark Heaney, take a bow - and they then finish off with their 7th and final goal of the night.

Much gloom (and up against the undefeated top of the table team next week, much joy).

Never Odd or Even    1 - 7     Lads on Toure

Next week - 8th November - we are playing Ajax Trees Down at 8.30pm.