Thursday night football in Penwortham

Taking on Table Toppers

The Taller They Are ….

The harder they fall.

Seven players again this week - injuries to Paul and Andy, Matt unavailable - so we had Goose in nets, Joe and Jake at the back, Gary, Phil and Mark in midfield and Sean up front. But this week we were up against the undefeated league leaders, after a bit of a mauling last week, how was the going to play out? New formation, Mike Rigby present in his management clothes, could it make a difference?

Not much in it for the first 15 minutes, Goose wasn't too busy, we had 2 or 3 chances but couldn't quite do enough to get the ball in the back of the net. Then a half chance for Ajax Trees Down from distance, a gap in the defence and a low powerful shot all combined o leave Goose on the deck and the ball in the back of the net. The last 5 minutes saw us still looking pretty comfortable and we went in to half time a goal down. Disappointed to be losing by one goal, probably the best 20 minutes we've played so far this season.

Second half started and it was much the same as the first, we were giving as good as we got and Goose was having to work too hard. Then Phil breaks through from the left hand side of midfield, hits a shot towards the goal - was it going to the right side of the post? - Mark Heaney gets in the way, adds some pace to it, re-directs it and we're back in the game at 1 - 1. Ten minutes to go, anything's possible. The ball is being moved from one end of the pitch to another, chances for both sides. Sean has a shot, Mark intercepts it, plays it off his knee and into the back of the net, but they all count. We hold on for the last 5 minutes. Job done. 2 - 1 win. League leaders cut down to size (at least for this week). Moves us 2 places up the table.

Ajax Trees Down     1 - 2     Never Odd or Even

Next week - Scrap & Co are our opponents at 7pm on the 15th November.