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Player appeal - looking for a game?

If you're an individual looking for a regular game on a Thursday evening and fall (roughly) into any one of these categories,
A - outstanding goalkeeper - you've only conceded 3 goals in your last 42 matches,
B - a resolute defender - the phrase 'they shall not pass' could have been invented to describe your performance - and your number of yellow cards / red cards is less than Clinton's,
C - mobile and creative midfielder - you could run all night (or at least for 40 minutes) and spray the ball about the pitch (and it normally goes to one of your players),
D - an attacker whose left and / or right foot is registered with Lancashire Constabulary as a lethal weapon (and is fairly accurate).
Well, you're just the sort of fellow we'd like to meet. Even if you only partly fulfil one of the above descriptions, get in touch.
Use the Contact page to send me an email. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

Contact Penwortham Leisure Centre

Penwortham Leisure Centre (shared site with Penwortham Priory Academy), 24 Crow Hills Road, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0JE.
Contact the Leisure Centre - 01772 747272 - and find out what nights / leagues have openings for new teams. Visit the Penwortham Leisure Centre site for more details.

Team appeal - got 6 friends looking for a game?

Contact the Leisure Centre and find out what nights / leagues have openings for new teams. What have you got to lose? Contact details are set out above. There’s nothing stopping you coming down to see what it’s all about.
See you soon!

Find Penwortham leisure Centre

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The 'dynamic' Google map gets your browser to direct you to a Google server which will capture your IP address (personal information) without your prior consent. Similar situation with using Google Fonts to create pages with nice typefaces and getting slick, professional icons from Font Awesome. Hence all fonts and remote icons changed before 25th May 2018, this position will be reviewed once the GDPR position is clearly explained and understood.

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